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Since 2001, Doctors Worldwide has been serving communities around the world by working hand in hand to help develop and strengthen the healthcare available, particularly for the most vulnerable communities.

We believe that long term and sustainable solutions to healthcare access must be owned, led and developed by the local communities, local organisations and local governments who are already providing much needed healthcare. This not only ensures a parallel or duplicate health system is not developed alongside existing health structures, but it also means we are strengthening existing health systems and local capacity, especially where there is a gap.

As of 31st Jan 2022:

99,349 mothers & babies received ANC, PNC, safe births and operations

13 emergency crises responded to

124 medical projects delivered

206 clinics and hospitals benefited to date

81 local and international partners benefited to date

6 hospitals built or rehabilitated including 1 Children's Hospital

Our work benefited 26 countries

UN Partnerships undertaken

Peace Prize nomination

52 clinics built or rehabilitated, including 6 maternity clinics

Total of
lives saved or impacted

Annual Impact Reports

Project Reports

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