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Our work has taken us to many different corners of the globe and encompassed a number of different projects over the years. One of our overriding themes has been to try, wherever possible, to link with local organisations and charities, not only to learn from their rich local knowledge and understanding, but to help expand and grow the good work that is almost always being done.

Doctors Worldwide’s role in serving communities in need has been to bring in extra resources, be that funding, knowledge sharing, human resources, equipment, management skills, or education and training. In fact we will match our capacity and skills to what is felt to be most important and needed on the ground. Inevitably in development work, this means taking time to build relationships with people and organisations, understanding their needs and difficulties, what they are doing well (which could be expanded), but also asking hard questions on what is not being done well (which could be improved).

We are a learning organisation, and over the years we have and will continue to refine our approach in order to deliver excellence in the projects we undertake, and ensure that the generous donations we receive make the greatest possible impact. The virtue of healthcare is the profound changes that can be made with small interventions; a few pennies on life saving medication, a safe birth, a mother saved, or a training module that changes a doctors or nurses practice for the rest of their working life.


We provide access to quality healthcare for vulnerable communities. Whether we are developing new services, building new infrastructure, or covering the cost of healthcare for the poor. We ensure that our belief in access to quality healthcare is enshrined in all that we do.


Much of the world’s disease burden and loss of life would be prevented by strengthening healthcare systems. Stronger health systems can help achieve better health. From better trained staff, to higher quality services designed for the communities they serve.


Local communities and services make up to 90% of the first responders during a humanitarian emergency, providing vital medical care and relief. We support and strengthen the local community response to avoid creating duplicate systems to allow the best and most effective use of resources.

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