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Calculate your Zakat in a few easy steps

From building wells in Pakistan to providing quality healthcare and medical assistance for patients in Malawi, your Zakat has saved thousands of lives. If you’re unsure whether you are eligible to pay Zakat this year, or don’t know how much you owe, don’t worry. Our simple Zakat calculator will allow you to work out your annual payment.

Zakat Calculator

Nisab threshold: £361.29*

*Using value of silver (612.36 grams): approx. £379.66

*Using value of gold (87.48 grams): approx. £4,175.55

*Gold & Silver:


Cash at home/in a bank:

Other savings:

Money owed to you:


Short-Term Liabilities:

Money you owe:

Other outgoings:

Net assets:


Amount due:


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Did you know our Last Ten Nights platorm is Zakat eligible?

Donate. Every Night. Automatically.

Last Ten Nights

It only takes 60 seconds to distribute your donation over the last ten nights of Ramadan with our automated system, and take full advantage of Laylat Ul-Qadr, when the reward for any righteous act is equivalent to having performed the same act for 83 years.

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