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To date, over 3.7 million lives have been saved or impacted, as a result of your support.

At Doctors Worldwide, we believe that access to quality healthcare is not a privilege, it is a human right, and we work towards making that a reality, especially for the most vulnerable communities.

103 medical projects

24 countries

13 humanitarian emergencies

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Your £10 donation will provide 20 people with quality healthcare. We have a 100% donation policy.

Our Stories

Malawi Maternity Project: A New Clinic in Balaka

3 minute read

Can you imagine having to walk 13km and cross a crocodile infested river just to reach your nearest healthcare facility? In Balaka, Malawi, this is a

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Diarrhoea & Climate Change

4 minute read

The recent heatwave we have all experienced is nothing but a teaser of the impacts of climate change. In fact, this summer, it has become more important

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Climate Change & Impacts on Malaria

3 minute read

Malaria has become an uncommon and unheard of disease in many parts of the world after it was categorised as an endemic in countries like Europe in the

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