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As the world faces its first pandemic in living memory, it is the most vulnerable communities with little or no access to healthcare who will face the greatest consequences and lives lost. Many local and grassroot organisations dealing with this crisis, especially those that are not led by medical experts, are struggling to practically translate and filter out the wealth of information available, often full of medical or technical terms. Since the start of the pandemic,we have been working with several countries and healthcare organisations around the world providing technical guidance, support and PPE, particularly in low-resourced settings.

Pandemic Resilience Building

As part of our 2021 COVID-19 response activities, we will be focusing on resilience building through training, telemedicine, peer support for healthcare workers, as well as small scale infrastructure support where needed.

We will be supporting healthcare organisations and practitioners in low resource settings by delivering a series of COVID-19 webinars, participating in Telemedicine support, offering peer support through a dedicated WhatsApp group, and providing simple, easy to apply COVID-19 patient management flow charts designed for low resource settings. We are currently in conversation with partners in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and India, however our intention is to provide global support as we continue to engage with more healthcare workers.

Webinar Educational themes consist of, but are not limited to:

Support and mentorship consists of:

Case management flow charts developed to be used in low-resourced settings include:

If you are a doctor or nurse interested in volunteering your time and expertise to support this work, find out more information & apply here

COVID-19 Checklists

Using 19 years of medical expertise and drawing on information and resources from around the world, four checklists were put together by Doctors Worldwide in March 2020 to provide a starting point for local health projects, NGOs and health facilities in low-resourced settings who are preparing for COVID-19:

The checklists are designed for use by the entire team within a health facility or programme setting. This is to ensure a comprehensive understanding across all staff, whether clinical or management, of all the preparation steps as they respond to an outbreak. The four comprehensive checklists have been developed for local organisations, health projects, local community groups and health facilities that operate in low-resource and humanitarian settings.

Access the checklists here. We also offer training and remote mentoring on the topics covered in the checklists. To find out more, get in touch